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Do you quickly want to make a website, which is easily to maintain? Do you and your co-workers want to have unlimited e-mail possibilities?
And you don't want to be limited to a fixed working place?

With QwikZite you have all possibilities at hand, at home, in the office, while travelling, or wherever you have access to the Internet!

QwikZite is a complete package particularly meant for smaller organisations, but as well for individuals, who want to share and update their information in a quick and easy way.

QwikZite is not a package to be bought, but a package to which you subscribe. It is installed as online software package - under your own domain name - at one of our servers. With any browser (such as Internet Explorer, Netscape or Firefox) at your disposal, you can:

  • develop and maintain your website,
  • create and manage an unlimited number of email addresses under your domain,
  • use webmail complementary to your regular email programme to send and read mail,
  • manage mailing lists,
  • consult statistics of website visits.

QwikZite has a number of additional assets:

  • updates and extensions of the software are provided automatically and without extra charge,
  • your incoming mail is permanently scanned for viruses and filtered for spam,
  • you have an extensive support site at your disposal, with manuals, tips and trics, sitestyle library, and our online knowledgebase.

QwikZite is a product of Suares & Co Open Source Solutions and Jan Veuger Internet Services, small firms dedicated to the use of Internet communication by the non-profit sector. They are offering technical solutions, such as email services, mailing lists, domain names, webhosting and databases, and are developing software prioritizing easy self-management.

Special for small and medium sized businesses in the Antilles

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