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Website Module: QwikZite 1.10

Screenshot of the public part, the 'front side', of the website (click to enlarge).The QwikZite package takes its name from the website module 'QwikZite', which is presently available in version 1.10.

You can make designs for the site at your own wish or avail yourself of the provided sitestyle examples.
You can add pages and navigation buttons, and append one or more links to each page. You can add images and downloadable files. And you can make news items or other highlights to appear and disappear at predefined dates.

Screenshot of the corresponding secured user interface, the 'back side' of the website (click to enlarge).QwikZite is a so-called 'Content Management System', which enables you to edit the content of the site in a easy way, without need for a programmer.

Content can be added and edited in a secured simple user interface by several persons simultaneously. There is no need for making a new design for each new item: new items are automatically fitted in the defined sitestyle design.

It is equally simple to refresh the look of your site without having to change the various parts one by one.

The user interface is multilingual: English, Dutch and Papiamentu.

(Click for a larger screenshot).Users of QwikZite have an extensive support site at their disposal: Qwikzite.net.

It includes, amongst others, an extensive manual, tips and tricks, a sitestyle library, an online knowledgebase, subscription possibility for the free users mailinglist, and information about direct support.

You have access to the support site at http://www.qwikzite.net.

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Email Manager

Screenshot of the user interface 'Add user' in the Email Manager (click to enlarge). With the Email Manager you can make an unlimited number of email addresses (POP3 accounts) for your co-workers under your own domain name.

You can append aliasses. You can have mail automatically being forwarded to another address, very convenient when personnel changes. And it is only logical that you also can make unit accounts and have the mail being forwarded to each individual unit member.

The POP3-accounts can be used in messenger programmes such as Outlook Express and Pegasus Mail. The accounts are as well accessible with Webmail.

Incoming mail is automatically scanned for the presence of virusses and filtered for spam!

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Screenshot of SquirrelMail (click to enlarge).Wherever you have access to the Internet, at home, in the office or while travelling, your e-mail accounts are accessible with Webmail. For this purpose 'SquirrelMail', one of the fastest programmes of its kind, is installed at our servers.

Specific e-mail programmes are not needed. All you have to do is logging in with your user name and password.

You can read incoming mail, send messages, append message folders, and maintain an address book.

The user interface is multilingual: it supports over 30 languages.

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Mailing Lists

Screenshot of an electronic newsletter (click to enlarge).Mailing Lists are a clever and quick means to spread news by email to groups of persons.

Mailing lists can be applied as 'distribution list', e.g. to spread an electronic newsletter amongst 'subscribers': your customers or other persons interested.
You can also use mailing lists as 'discussion list' to exchange ideas with a group of persons. In such case, the 'members' of the list as well can send mail messages to the other members.

Subscribers or members can subscribe or unsubscribe whenever they want through a web interface. By including subscription forms in your website, you have a very powerfull and efficient communication tool at your disposal!

The administration and subscriber interfaces of the mailing list programme, 'Mailman', support over 25 languages.
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Domain Manager

Screenshot of the Domain Manager (click to enlarge).With the Domain Manager you have control of all management and security matters of your domain.

You can assign seperate passwords for control of the e-mail manager and for viewing the website statistics.

Developed with QwikZite (version 1.12)