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Step 1: Check the availability of the desired domain name

You can choose from the following top-level domain names: .nl/.com/.net/.org/.info/.biz.
The availability of the desired domain name can be checked at the sites below.
Is you wish to have the QwikZite package installed under a domain name you already own, you can directly proceed with step 2.

For checking .com/.net/.org/.info/.biz domain names:
  • Whois.ws

    For checking .nl domain names:
  • SIDN (Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland)

    Do not register domain names at these sites (!). The desired domain name shall be entered in the subscription form below. As a partner of SIDN and the Opensrs-system we will subsequently take care of the actual domain registration.

    Step 2: Fill out the order-form

    With the form below you can apply for a subscription to a QwikZite Package or QwikZite Light Package.
    After receipt of your information, we will contact you for additional information if needed. As well, we will request you to confirm your application.

    Fields marked with * are obligatory.

    Information about applicant:

    Organisational or personal name:
    (will become the official domain name holder)

    (no post office box)
    Zip code/place:

    Postal address:
    (if different from above adress)

    Contact person:
    Phone number:
    (existing email address)


    Information about kind of package/subscription:

    Kind of package:

     QwikZite Package
     QwikZite Light Package

    Kind of subscription:

     Annual Subscription
     Quarterly Subscription

    Information about domain:

    Package installation under:

     Existing domain name:
     New com/net/org/info/biz-domain:
     New nl-domain:

    If you apply for a new nl-domain:
    Did you earlier register a nl-domain name under the above organisational or personal name?

     yes, a domain already registered:


    In the box below you can express additional wishes, such as details about possible name servers of your own, etc.

    Did you fill out everything?
    We advise you first printing this form for your own convenience.
    Subsequently, press the button below to submit your application.

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