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Samples of operational QwikZites

The Benchmark Local Sustainability
Languages: Dutch, English
Operational since: 20-06-2006

The Benchmark Local Sustainability provides information on policy measures by Dutch municipalities related to sustainable development. This QwikZite is linked to a geographical information system (GIS). Participating municipalities have online opportunity to provide their data and the site presents the interim results. Mailing lists have been integrated in identical sitestyle.

Herensia di Sklabitut (The Legacy of Slavery)
Languages: Dutch, Papiamentu, English, Spanish
Operational since: 30-05-2006

The history of slavery, shared by all inhabitants of the Netherlands Antilles, Surinam and the Netherlands, is still not sufficiently recognized and passed on. Therefore the World museum in Rotterdam, the Netherlands has taken the initiative to come with the exposition 'The Legacy of Slavery'.

Federatie Antilliaanse Jeugdzorg (FAJ)
Languages: Dutch, Papiamentu, English
Operational since: 02-05-2006

Umbrella organisation of youth organisations at all islands of the Netherlands Antilles. The website explains what FAJ does, how the organisation is structured and what kind of projects are carried out. This QwikZite is linked to a database of member organisations, which can be searched by target group, by island and by type of organisation.

Ans Mezas-Hummelink
Language: Dutch
Operational since: 13-04-2006

Artist with Curaçao as her spiritual home. The site contains samples of her work - portraits, pencil-drawings, stamps, trinkets - and an overview of exhibitions.

Language: Dutch
Operational since: 31-08-2005

ID-arte is an institution concerned with art education and cultural education at Curaçao and other islands of the Netherlands Antilles.

Kuki & Ko Webdesign
Language: Dutch
Operational since: 29-07-2005

Kuki & Ko is the design studio of Rianne Hellings in Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles, specialized in webdesigns for QwikZite. As well, Kuki & Ko organizes workshops for users of QwikZite.

Evelien Sipkes
Language: English
Operational since: 22-07-2005

Evelien Sipkes makes contemporary jewelry in her atelier in Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles.

Language: Dutch, English, Papiamentu
Operational since: 17-10-2004

KidDocs is a documentary film festival for youth, to be held annually in the Netherlands Antilles. The first 2004 edition took place in Curaçao.

Language: Dutch
Operational since: 05-08-2004

Information and action site in the scope of building construction activities in the Dutch city of Breda, aimed at providing missing and current information to the neighbourhood. Set up by a group of alarmed citizens.

Voor de Verandering - Alternatieven voor het Neo-liberalisme
(Time for Change - Alternatives for Neo-liberalism)

Language: Dutch (English summary)
Operational since: 03-07-2004

Thematic site on the wish and necessity for alternatives to the current economic system. Many critical researchers and representatives of social organisations and solidarity groups in the Netherlands contribute to the site, which is maintained by the XminY Solidarity Fund.

Attac Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Operational since: 17-06-2004

Attac is a critical alterglobalisation organisation, characterized by self-activity, emancipation, activism and democratic decision-making. For information exchange, actions and campaigns, as well as quick and easy reacting to topicalities, this network organisation utilizes several qwikzites, maintained by a national committee and the various local sections.

B2B Consult Inc.
Language: English, German, Dutch
Operational since: 10-06-2004

B2B Consult in Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles) assists companies in establishing business-to-business relations with Chinese manufacturers.

Curaçao Table-tennis Association
Language: Dutch
Operational since: 30-04-2004

The Curaçao Table-tennis Association (CTTB) takes care of table-tennis in Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles). Presently, it is an association of seven clubs.

Jan Veuger Internet Services
Language: English, Dutch
Operational since: 05-02-2004

Jan Veuger is a designer, closely working together with Ace Suares' Internet Consultancy and Suares & Co Open Source Solutions in developing internet applications and providing hosting services for the non-profit sector.

Language: English, Dutch, Papiamentu
Operational since: 03-07-2003

Support site and meeting place for users and developers of QwikZite. Encloses a comprehensive user's manual, tips & tricks, and information about QwikZite as Open Source software.

Suares Support Pages
Language: English, Dutch
Operational since: 18-03-2003

The customer support site of Ace Suares' Internet Consultancy, Jan Veuger Internetdiensten and Suares & Co Open Source Solutions. Including, per product: FAQs, main features, manuals and announcements of modifications and extensions.

Language: English, Dutch, Papiamentu
Operational since: 12-02-2003

The site you are visiting now is - as a matter of course - developed in Qwikzite.

Global Agenda
Language: English
Operational since: 01-10-2002

Maja van de Velden is an activist and researcher in the fields of global justice, communication, and gender issues. She is interested in QwikZite as a tool for individuals and non-profit organisations to quickly and effectively put their (action)information on-line.

Suares & Co
Language: Dutch
Operational since: 09-06-2001

Suares & Co Open Source Solutions advises on networks, Internet connection, and all other matters related to computers, networking and the Internet, on Curaçao, an island belonging to the Netherlands Antilles. Many years of experience in the Netherlands preceeded the decision to deliver services in Curaçao as well.
Suares & Co believes in strengthening the knowledge position of the Antilleans. That's why Suares & Co, in cooperation with other companies and institutions, organises various courses and workshops.

Ace Suares' Internet Consultancy
Language: Dutch
Operational since: 2001

Ace Suares' Internet Consultancy is a small firm dedicated to the use of Internet communication by the non-profit sector. Ace Suares offers technical solutions, such as e-mail services, mailing lists, domain names, webhosting and databases, and develops software prioritizing easy self-management.

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