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Special for small and medium sized businesses in the Antilles

If your business or organization isn't ready yet for a complete website, with lots of information and actualities, you might be ready for 'online presence' in a more simple but still effective way.

We can offer you the following:

A one-page-website on your own domain name (.com, .org, .net, .info, .biz), with a design based on your logo.

On this one page a short description (max. 100 words, but less is more) and the contact information.

We provide you as well with an e-mail adress, for example With webmail or with the e-mail program that you're using already, you can receive and send mail with a more professional look.

This all will cost you only Naf. 150 ex. ob for the first year and after that Naf. 50 per year ex. OB. That is including the domain name registration.

If later on you would like to expand the page into a 'real' website, you could ask us for a quotation. But if you prefer another webdesigner and webhost, you're free to move your domain name to another provider, as it is yours.

Do you want us to make you a one-page-site or do you have questions, please contact one of our resellers in Curacao:
Kuki & Ko - tel. 4622464/6944774
2 Sides Media - tel. 8647065/6651256

Special for small and medium sized businesses in the Antilles

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